Stardust is a global resource that lets you level up your Pokémon and teach some fresh new moves. It is a crucially important part of improving the CP and the HP for your Pokémon and eventually taking gyms down. Then in the Pokemon shop, you hopefully won’t even buy stardust, so how will you get it? Well, take a look below!!

How To Gain More Stardust?

While stardust is essential in the world of Pokémon, but it is not that difficult to build up stardust. It takes time and catching new and rarer pokemon, and defending gyms for many hours to build stardust. Once you have defended the gym and captured some rare pokemons, you will gain stardust. You have to repeat this process again and again.

NOTE: Stardust can be gained quickly in a formal way and also in an informal way. It depends on the choice you make. Let me tell you that the players you see in this game mostly use the informal style for leveling them up. Players use Pokemon go stardust hack tricks to get more stardust and level up quickly.

Do not want to get in trouble or face in a ban from the game? Follow these steps below that never penalize you, but you can gain stardust very comfortably.

Catch Every Pokemon You Encounter

  • You will get a great deal of stardust by catching every Pokémon you encounter near you. 
  • Each time you receive a new Pokemon, you will also receive three candies. If you catch an evolved version of that same Pokemon, you will receive six candy, and most importantly, you will receive stardust with every pokemon. 
  • It is worth catching those seemingly useless Pidgey, Rattatas, and Drowzees, even if it is a low level. 
  • It is more important than you are catching more Pokemons. Continue to throw these pokeballs, and after a while, these points of stardust will add up.

Defend Several Gyms

  • Gyms in Pokémon Go are tough to understand because the game doesn’t offer you any support. Still, it’s also a useful source of gaining more stardust without doing anything. 
  • You have to join one of three teams when you reach level 5 in Pokémon Go-and afterward you can compete at gyms. 
  • You can earn every day stardust bonus if you have left at least one of your Pokémon at a friendly gym. Go to the shop and press the monitor icon in the left top corner of your screen to retrieve this norm. 
  • As you would imagine, if you had more Pokémon defender gyms for you, the amount would increase. Still, the Pokemon go limited the stardust amount to only 50 points per day regardless of how many pokemons are defending in other gyms as well.
  • Still, it is better to put several pokemons in gyms so that if one of you pokemon gets kicked out of the gym, the other one can bring stardust for you. Maybe, it can defend the gym for several days.

Walk More, Hatch More Eggs

  • Using eggs is a slightly different way to make some strong Pokémon, but also a convenient way to get stardust. 
  • The amount of stardust that you get depends on what type of egg you have: for example, when you have a 10 km egg, you’ll get more stardust than your 2 km egg. 
  • You can get stardust from your egg when you are splitting up. You can use all your incubators to hatch more eggs and get more stardust.
  • If you have a limited usage incubator, use your bigger eggs to hatch first. You will have to purchase it later to hatch your eggs, so it is better to hatch you all eggs before it expires.

Trainer Battles

  • When you battle with some other trainers, you get stardust at the end of every fight.
  • You get more stardust even when you are training your pokemons in the training mode with the three trainers.

Gym Battles And Raids

  • When you go to take down a gym, you receive stardust after the battle gets over.
  • You get stardust when you fight the raid boss in the battle and defeat that pokemon with your pokemons.

These ways will decently fetch you stardust if you do not want to opt for the hack. Still, here you have access to the limited amount of stardust as compared to the pokemon go stardust hack, which can bring an unlimited amount of stardust for you.

Are you interested in some more ways to hack stardust in this game?? Read below and understand how pokemon go stardust hack works and apply some simple tricks that you never knew.

Best Way To Gain More Stardust

Now, as you have hacked the game by following the steps as mentioned on our “Homepage,” you will be able to hack unlimited stardust easily. There is no other way to hack stardust. Still, if you have mocked the location successfully, you will be able to hack stardust in pokemon go by using these simple tricks.

Setting The Desired Route On Hack App

Setting the route for walking if one of the effective ways to hatch more eggs. When you are using the Pokemon go hack application, Set the direction and chill the player will walk continuously on the selected path. Till then, you can do some other work and come back after and see the hatched eggs. The more eggs you hatch this way will get you more stardust even when you do not continue playing the game.

Go To Some New Locations

Go to some new locations where new pokemons that you do not have in your pokemon list are spawning. Take a look at the list of Pokemon spawns and select a place where there is more variety of Pokemon getting spawn every minute. This trick will get you more stardust and more candies, and you can quickly evolve your Pokemon and get more stardust and candy after evolving Pokemons.

Go To Different Time Zones

Going to different time zones and setting up your gyms and adding a Pokemon to every gym will get you more stardust. Try this trick – set a pokemon near your original place and set up your next Pokemon in some country that is running ahead of your time zone. Doing this thing will double the stardust in only one day.

It’s up to you know what techniques you are going to use to boost up your stardust within no time. All tricks mentioned above, whether formal or informal, are working correctly, and there is no such issue in any method. Enjoy your game!!

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