What Is Normal APK And MOD APK?

  • The modified version of the original APK is called the MOD APK. 
  • “Mod” means “Updated,” “Modified.” The original creators of the application did not sign Mod apk. 
  • Therefore no original programmer support is there if something goes wrong.
  • Additional functionality, unlocked functions, unlimited app/game money (for games), often additional support, and various other modifications and add-ons may be available for Mod APKs.

Caution – Be careful to configure any mod from any untrustworthy source before downloading the software as the software is likely to be malware-infected.

What Does This Apk Offer You?

  • Updated Latest Version 0.157.1
  • Android Requirement – 4.4 +
  • Root Required – No Root Needed
  • File Size – 99 MB
  • Anti Ban
  • Accessible To Hack/Cheat
  • Developers – Niantic
  • Poke Radar 
  • Added Joystick
  • Free Pokecoins to make purchases.
  • Unlimited Berries
  • Unlimited Raid Passes
  • Unlimited Pokemon Candy
  • Unlimited Stardust

Important Tips on Using This Application

  • Do not run with a speed of more than 20 km/hr while using this application.
  • Do not go beyond the limit of 30 km; otherwise, you might face a soft ban for some time.
  • Compatibility on tablets and some devices is not guaranteed.
  • You need at least 2 GB ram on your mobile device, and the android version should be more than 4.4, at least.

What Can You Do With This MOD APK?

  • Pokemon Go Mod Apk version 0.157.1 The last update gives the player the chance to explore real places: the game can show a map of your location of the areas around us. 
  • Players will be able to catch about 100 different Pokemon joystick species in more detail. Still, this number can increase with the next updates rolling out soon.
  • You can hatch more eggs by walking around your location while turning on your adventure sync feature.
  • You can get more candy to evolve your Pokemon or to train them for gym battles.
  • Capture all the close gyms and defend them, have access to all your close pokestops.
  • Use modules, lucky eggs, and incense to capture more Pokemon species while sitting comfortably at home.

Download Link For MOD APK


How To Install The MOD APK?

Step: 1> Uninstall Normal APK

Uninstall the market version of the game if you want to run the MOD APK of the same game.

Step: 2> Allow Installation From Other Sources

Go to Settings > Security’ and search for Unknown Sources and allow installation from other sources.

Step: 3> Browse Saved MOD APK

To browse to the path of the saved MOD APK, use any free file manager.

Step: 4> Finish Installation

Tap and finish the installation for the downloaded APK file.

Step: 5> Start Your Game

Start the game, and you will now be able to run any modded apk.

Things Not To Do

  • You may receive a soft ban if you go beyond a 30 km radius and if you walk for speed more than 20km/hr.
  • While downloading and running the MOD version is not guaranteed that your previous date and effort would be saved. It can go in vain, and you have to start it all over again.
  • You can face some issues with APK sometimes if the file you downloaded from the internet is affected by some malware software.
  • In some devices, the MOD version requires a root process.

Suggestion To Catch More Pokemons Using MOD APK

I would suggest you make multiple accounts of yourself with different names and different linked IDs. In case if one account faces the soft ban, you can see your other account to catch the Pokemon. In this way, you can find all the pokemons and make a trade with your other accounts to earn more candy and stardust.

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