How This Candy Hack Will Help You

  • It will help you in increasing the CP and HP of your Pokemon.
  • Using hack, you will be able to evolve the rare Pokemon.
  • Use this hack trick to get more “Rare candy.”
  • You will get the candy of Pokemon that are not even in your region.
  • Get more candy by selecting a guided pathway.
  • You will be able to evolve those Pokemon who require 400 candy at once.
  • You can level up your “Trainer level” quickly with this hack.

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How To Get More Candy?

Well, there are two ways to earn more candies within some time; one way is to receive it by following the guidelines and playing fairly in this game. The other one is to cheat and to hack Pokemon go and earn more candies while you play.

Firstly, I am going to share some organic or fairways to gain more candy while playing Pokemon go. Some of the best tricks and information for your reference is given below. Use these tips and tricks to earn more candy in Pokemon go.

Catching Pokemons

You earn three (3) Candies for that kind each time you catch a Pokémon. So, for example, when you catch a Pidgey, you receive three Pidgey Candies, for instance. If you pick an evolved version of the same Pokemon you get even more candies. See how much candy you get from a pokemon.

  • 3 candies when you capture a base level Pokemon.
  • 5 candies when you acquire a second-level Pokemon.
  • 10 candies for every third level Pokemon caught by you.

Using Berries

The amount of candy is double that of a Catch with a Pinap Berry. Give a Pinap Berry to a Pokémon and then capture your next toss, and you get six (6) rather than three (3) Candy. Do the same for a Pokémon evolution in the second or third levels, and you get 10 and 20 candies, respectively.

Hatching Eggs

You need to have Pokémon Eggs to get plenty of Candy at once. If you ever get a Pokémon Egg at a Pokestop, you can incubate it, walk around, and hatch it. The quantity of candy that you get varies according to the Egg type as well as randomly when it hatches. See the concept of hatching eggs below.

  • 5 to 15 Candies when you hatch a 2km egg.
  • 10 to 21 Candies when you hatch a 5km egg.
  • 16 to 32 Candies when you hatch a 10km egg.

Trade With A Friend

Trading a Pokemon with your friend will aloe fetch you some candies, and this depends on the distance of the trade. You get more candies when the gap between the two caught Pokemon is more considerable.

  • Under 25KM – 1 Candy
  • Between 25KM and 100KM – 2 Candy
  • Over 100KM – 3 Candy

Walk WIth Your Buddy

You can also make a Pokemon your buddy if you are not luckily catching or hatching the Pok√©mon you need for the candy you want. Then you’ll be awarded candy when you walk around with it. The range of the candy can be from 1 KM up to 3 KM or 5 KM, the distance you have to walk.

Transferring Pokemons

Through moving Pok√©mon to the professor, you can also earn candy. Those usually are Pok√©mon that you don’t want or need; for instance, you already have lower-powered Pok√©mon duplicates. You will receive one (1) candy per move. So you get one Charmander candy for each if you pass a Charizard, a Chameleon, Charmander. Transferring every Pokemon will only give you one candy of your base level Pokemon.

From Gyms

By feeding Berries like Razz, Pinap, Nanab, or Golden Razz, you attract friendly Pokémon with the latest Pokemon Go Gym. If you have been very rare, you get a Pokémon type Candy you serve. If you give candy to Squirtle, for example, you get a Candy of Squirtle.

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Some Advanced Tricks To Get More Candies

Curious to know how to get more Pokemon candies by hacking the Pokemon game? Well, the procedure of hacking everything is the same in Pokemon go. Just like the way mentioned over there on the home page, you will have to download the mock location application, run that application and fake your location. The main thing is the technique you use to capture the Pokemon.

You all must know that different pokemons appear in different regions. So, the essential thing is to move to a location with the Pokemon you wish to capture. Once you get familiar with the places, you will see what kind of Pokemon species are appearing in that region. You can teleport yourself to that location and capture that species comfortably.

How To Get More Candies By Using Pokemon Go Candy Hack?

It is easy just like the ways mentioned over you need to apply those same tricks while teleporting to different regions. Here are some tips to boost up the process of hacking the Pokemon go candy.

Build A Pathway

Try To build a pathway from the location spoofer and keep your phone at rest. Your virtual trainer will move on the guided route, and you will be able to hatch more eggs by using the technique and get more candies by walking with your buddy.

Feeding Pokemons At Gym

Feed the pokemon’s of every gym, and you never know where you will get lucky, and you might get some candies of the Pokemon you fed earlier.

Teleport To A Place With Lots Of Pokestops

Spin every pokestop and collect more pokeballs and use those pokeballs to capture all the pokemon. Try visiting a place where you find more second and third level pokemon rather than base-level pokemon.

Use Pinap Berry To Capture Pokemons

Use the Pinap berry every time you encounter and try to capture some Pokemon. If you are a place where more second and third level pokemons are available, then using this berry will boost up your candy making process.

Note – Using teleportation instantly and jumping to locations real quickly will lead to a soft ban for some time. (Teleport After 2 hours)

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