The Best Pokemon Go Hack Tricks 

“Pokemon Go Hack” was available after some time of its launch and now most of the users playing this game are using these hacks. By using this simple hack trick mentioned below you can move ahead of your friends and capture the most rare Pokemon from every region.

Things In Which This Hack Will Work

  • To gain “Unlimited Stardust”
  • To gain more “Pokemon Candy”
  • To have access to several “Raid Passes”
  • To capture “Pokemon” from “Every Region”
  • To Get more “Pokemon Eggs”
  • To Increase your “Trainer Level” Quickly

IMPORTANT – Using Pokemon Go Hack can sometimes lead to an account ban but the trick that we have mentioned is completely safe and the Pokemon go servers will not be able to identify you using these hack tricks on your device.

Note – Read the article till the last point to know the uses and applicability of this trick and hack the game server smartly.

The major drawback of this game is that you have to move from one place to another if you want to play this game so people opted for “Pokemon Go Hack” instead of going out of the home and mock the locations while reinstalling the downgraded version of “Google Play Services”.

There are many hacks that people generally search for on the internet like-

  • Pokemon go stardust hack
  • Pokemon go walking hack
  • Pokemon go candy hack
  • Pokemon go eggs hack

All these hacks are possible and most of the users you see on this game who are on a superior level are using these “Mock Location Applications” and raising their trainer levels.

Let’s see how the “Pokemon Go Hack” works and what do you need to do if you want to play this game while sitting at your home comfortably.

Pokemon Go Hack Tips

Cheat anyway, if you can’t win. That’s how it has to be done. It is up to you whether you want to add this to Pokémon Go. If, through determination and hard work, you want to collect your prizes genuinely, hold back here to find out Pokémon Go tips and techniques instead of on the Internet. If otherwise, it’s winning at all costs that is all you want to do, here is how people hack and cheat.

Warning: The tricks mentioned here may sometimes lead to the violation of the Pokemon Go Terms and Conditions and your pokemon trainer account may be banned for some time or for some months and you will not be able to play the game for that time period.

Pokemon Go hack With GPS Joystick Application (Easiest Way To Hack) 

When You install the GPS joystick application from your app store or play store you get many features with it like, you can Teleport anywhere in this world, Customize your desired route or path, Change your Walking Speed And Move the joystick according to your comfort. See the steps below to use this application and fake your current location.

Step 1: Download and install Google Play Store’s latest version of the “GPS JoyStick.”

Step 2: If you used a Gps spoofing device previously, you should be familiar with the next steps. If you’re new, go to Settings > Developers Options for your phone. If you’ve unlocked it, skip stage 4.

Step 3: You have to unlock it if you can not access User Options in settings. To do this, go to the settings tab for your device data and tap Build Number repeatedly. You see a small message saying it’s unlocked after pressing 6-7 times.

Step 4: Check the “Select mock location app” in the Developers Options and select the “JoyStick” option. Remember that your smartphone is not compatible if you can not pick the request for the mock venue. Joysticks will not work for android Pokemon.

Step 5: Open the GPS app JoyStick and activate the Gps for your phone. Three choices can be seen to choose your spot.

Step 6: We advise that you use the preference “Current location” If you are not cautious enough, you may be restricted from using a distant location than your actual location. You will be under a soft ban for some time.

Step 7: Tap on the “Start” button once you set the desired position. Now you can watch an event you did not want. If you don’t want to deal with advertising, you have a paid version of the app available. 

Step 8: On your phone screen, you can see a joystick hovering. Bring the Pokemon Go open now and have fun playing the Pokemon Go phone joystick.

Some Features Of Using This Application

Joystick Spot

You can change its position when you fight to capture Pokemon because of the location of the joystick. Click on the joystick’s first button to click and drop joystick anywhere you want. Take it to the middle right side or right-handed players and for left-handed players take it to the opposite side for better usability.

Teleport Anywhere

By clicking the last button above the joystick, you may use this function. You can travel to any place you want directly when playing the game with this method. You only have to reach the place of your preference at Latitude & Longitude. You can even search for the location manually but putting the desired locations’ latitude and longitude will land you on the exact place you want to go.

Change Your Walking Speed

The app allows you to choose between three different speeds. You can choose it conveniently, as it is right beneath the joystick. The character can walk slowly, walk a little faster or run as you choose. We recommend that you use the first two choices and do not run at pace. Running at pace will not be counted as your steps and you will be irritated by watching the same the notification “I am a passenger”, it is better to go for the second option in which you can see the pokemon spawning and your distance will be counted and it will help you in hatching the eggs.

Customize The Routes

The app has a wonderful feature that makes it possible to make routes as you like. To open the map, press the middle button above the joystick. Click the places next to the first marker and you can put a new marker. You may insert the maximum number of markers. Click the Start Route button and return to Pokemon Go. Your personality is now owned and will follow the path you built without you. Do not capture Pokemon while using this feature.

Some Other Ways To Cheat Smartly In This Game

Spoofing – Some people are faking their GPS location, so they can go to the place where 100% Dragonite or Tyranitar is and scoop up it instantly and get to any gym and build it up at any time. This is the way most of the people are using to catch Pokemon and raise their “Trainer Level”. You may have seen people on a certainly lower level than yours but they have some rare Pokemon that you haven’t seen in your life, this is just the result of spoofing from one coordinate to the other but the risk here is that you may get a soft ban.

Multi-Accounts – Those who don’t hack or fake cheat with several accounts. They easily complete a gym with their mates, families and group members ‘ accounts and sometimes even if they stopped playing long ago. This way did not get any attention from the Pokemon go team and you can do it safely every time without any risk of soft ban any of your Pokemon go account.

Changing Date & Time – This trick worked before many times but I am not sure about the current scenario, you can change the date-time on your mobile phone and move a day ahead and remove the soft ban on yourself.

Automatic IV Checkers – Automatic Iv checkers are there to help you know the Pokemon you caught is powerful or not mostly Pokemon with IV more than 80-90 are considered strong and it is mentioned in the application if your caught Pokemon will be good for your in the battle or not. This generally works on the IOS devices and application for android devices is unavailable in any platform online.

Bot Accounts – It’s like spoofing but it’s automatic. Botters are moving around PokéScape, gathering as much Pokémon as possible, with an army of fake characters and a collection of texts. This is sponsored by ads and donation-buttons internet maps and people who buy online accounts.

Hacking Pokemon Go With A Rooted Device

Hacking the Pokemon go is not that difficult but now the devices come with a security patch level which restricts the user to use these applications on their devices. But everything has a solution to it.

Mostly the rooted devices can use all these applications without any kind of difficulty but the rooted devices and majorly the Samsung devices come with a security patch level that hinders these fake location applications while running in the background.

What Happens After Rooting Device?

  • If your device is out of warranty period and you are a Pokemon go, lover who wants to grow in this game, you can root your device easily by just watching some youtube tutorials.
  • After rooting your device you will be able to use your mock locations application on any of your devices without any difficulty and enjoy the game.
  • You can also root the new on warranty device but “rooting” will “void” the warranty of your device.

Some Other Pokemon Go Hacks That Might Interest You

Pokemon Go Stardust Hack/Tips

Most of the people are worried about the stardust to increase the power of their Pokemon or to teach them a new power move to prepare them for some gym battles. Stardust is really important when you want to evolve your Pokemon and when you want to trade some Pokemon with your friends. But when you have only limited Pokemon it is easy to use the stardust but when you have a variety of Pokemon with you, then you will find it difficult to use the limited stardust on your pokemon. You can read more on this topic by clicking on the button below to learn new hacks to increase your stardust easily within no time.

Pokemon Go Candy Hack/Tips

To evolve a Pokemon or to teach a new special move to your Pokemon you need pokemon candies apart from stardust. When you catch a Pokemon you receive only three candies for that Pokemon and 6 candies when you catch the evolved version of that pokemon buy Pokemon candies can be found in many ways and many more hacks are there to gain more candies within some time. To know more about this topic you can simply click on the button below and you will be redirected to a page where you will get all the hacks and tips to gain more candies very quickly.

Are These Tricks Not Working On Your Device?

Many of you might be thinking of the same question that are these tricks valid to catch the rarest Pokemon that you have not seen in your life. The answer is yes, these tricks and hacks are absolutely working and the above-mentioned way to hack using the joystick application may not work in some unrooted devices but it is supported by most of the smartphone. If you have a security patch level version of 2018 then there is no problem but if you are updated with the latest version here are some tips for you.

Your Hack Will Work Just Follow This

  • Open your settings and go to the installed applications, choose the option of Google Play services and uninstall all the updates but note the ID mentioned over there.
  • After deleting that your google play services will go back to the stock version and now you need to install the play services with the 2018 version and download it easily from Google. 
  • The number or ID that you have saved with you before uninstalling the updates will work here and you have to search for the exact same number apk online but it must not be the latest one. Use the version 12.6.85, it will work fine. 
  • Install that version of Google Play services and from Device administrators, turn off the find my device option. 

Here you go, your problem is solved, and now you can play the game without any hindrance. Enjoy the game and have fun!!